The founding members of the company and their cooperators, having a 25 years experience in manufacturing sanitary ware, detected a new trend in the market.

They distinguished that the consumers are more and more asking for products of an absolutely top quality & design, with reflecting & competitive prices.

Consequently, the main care of the company is to cover this need.

The main activities are the trading and the distribution of such pioneering products in several markets, in both Greece and abroad. Company Structure

The company is organized in an optimized manner, so as to cover all possible needs. In particular, the Boarding Directory created the following reliably working departments:

  • Imports & Warehouse Distribution Department
  • Wholesale Trading Department
  • Exports Department
  • Odessa, Ukraine, official privately owned branch store, with show-rooms, warehouses, sales net & service, covering the whole country.
  • Account & Data Processing Service
  • Exhibition Halls