Cosario Hettich

Category: Furniture Fittings
Manufacturer: Hettich

Precision as a matter of principle 

The perfection of Hettich Quadro runners is unmatched. Quadro is as ingenious as the ball bearing. Four independent rows of steel balls run in precision steel profiles. Gliding quietly, guiding any drawer with perfect precision. Invisible top technology for the best in furniture. Adding value, it can be combined with Silent System for quiet closure. With the Push to Open function, all types of wooden drawers open effortlessly at the press of a finger. Push to open enables the consistent implementation of a handleless design. Top runner quality - from Hettich. Even carrying loads of up to 50 kg, the full-extension runner glides in and out with a running action that's noticeably smooth and easy. The Quadro V6+ heavy-duty runner

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